Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

Birthdays are days made for fun, joy, and relaxation. They are enjoyable and lovely. Each birthday must be celebrated in the best way possible because the birthday is only happening once a year and so it is something special that marks you and marks the life of others near you. Enjoy each birthday and share it with the people you love.If you have someone celebrating a 19th birthday, the least you can do is write them a greeting card, and you can use one of the following:

Most wonderful wishes to wish someone for their 19th birthday

  1. My darling, there are days in which you will make the greatest and most important decisions. These decisions will determine the direction of your life, they will change what your future looks like. You are very young, and you will surely be a winner in life since I sincerely believe in you and your abilities, and I hope you will believe in yourself too. Remember that the most important thing in your life is to fight for yourself and your future, never give up your goals, always opt for the path leading to your happiness. I wish you all the best in the future, let’s have a happy 19th birthday!
  2. Life in each moment carries both happiness and joy. People wisely balance between them and try to get the best out of each moment. My love, I wish that your life will be balanced and that joy will reign over your heart. Let your happiness be inspirational and have people know you for it. Be happy and smile, for positivity can lead you to the right path. I want you all the best and most beautiful wishes in the world, let’s have a happy 19th birthday!
  3. It is very important to enjoy every moment we ​​have been given. Life should be understood as a blessing, as the most wonderful gift that a man can obtain. Life is a privilege, life is joy. Today is your 19th birthday, and I want you to know that one of the most beautiful periods of your life is behind you, but the one coming up can be beautiful as well, if you make it that way. There are plenty of challenges you will go through. Enjoy them all: enjoy youth and let each new day be a story that will be a wonderful memory. I want you all the best things, let’s have a happy 19th birthday celebration!
  4. My dear, my heart is filled with joy when I think that today is your 19th birthday and that you are now a real, true human being. Now you have enormous power in your hands, a power that youth brings and your mind and heart will lead you. Enjoy these years and don’t allow anything to spoil your enjoyment, show everyone that you are stronger than anything else. Let this day be filled with fun and joy, I wish you all the best wishes. Have a happy 19th birthday!
  5.  A very challenging point of your life is in front of you, but don’t worry: it is beautiful too. At this point in life, you have to choose the right way of living, and you have to decide what are the things that you really love. You will overcome this problem very soon, so it is only important that you believe in your happiness and that you sincerely love things and people around you. Let your heart always be pure and let it feel the most beautiful feelings. I wish you good luck, health, and happiness: let’s have a great birthday. Happy 19th year of living!
  6. My dear, your heart is your greatest fortune and keep it from anything that can hurt it.Your heart will sometimes lead you through tough times to take care of it. Love will change yourlife from the root, love will bring you happiness, love will make you happy. I am extremely pleased to celebrate your 19th birthday today: I know you are now a grown person who cares about important things in life. I want you to be happy today, and I hope your wishes come true. Happy 19th birthday!

 Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

  1. We often want what’s not ours and what’s out of our reach, often giving ourselves weird goals that we can’t achieve and therefore we can be sad and tired. It’s important to be happy about the small things, my dear because that’s what will truly make you happy. Happiness and satisfaction are in us, happiness and satisfaction are all around us. It’s enough to think positively and to love, and our heart will always be cheerful. My love, I want you to understand these words for they are the purpose of life. Let this day make you happy and give you joy, I wish you a happy 19th birthday!
  2. My love, every new day is a new story in which we are the main actors. It is up to us to make this tale of love and happiness happen daily, so it is up to us to adapt ourselves to our own needs. When we do this, everything turns into perfection, and our life is like heaven. All you have to do is know yourself. I sincerely wish you a lot of success, joy, and love, let your life be completely yours. Have a happy 19th birthday!
  3. When we dream, we completely open our heart and leave only the purest wishes inside of us. Our dreams are our desires, our dreams are what we want our life to be like and that’s why dreams need to be our guide through life. When we know our dreams, we know what we expect from life, our dreams are the mirror of our souls. My dear, I want you to realize that all your dreams will be achieved in the near future, just let your heart be full of wonderful feelings and work hard. Have a happy 19th birthday!
  4. My darling,life is really something that can be changed by smiles. A single smile can change everything. I want you to find a person who is very dear to you and sincerely loves you with all of her/his heart. Let her/him be your happiness and let her/him show you all the pleasures of love and life. Believe me that for happinesstwo people are required, so don’t you ever be completely alone, because when you are vulnerable, you are happy. I want you to experience a lot of joyful days in the near future and let your heart know only for love and happiness. Have a happy 19th birthday!

Happy 19th birthday to my sweet child

  1. My beautiful child, you are all I have in this life, you will always be my little baby, and that will never change. Today is your 19th birthday and exactly that many years have passed by since I became the happiest person in the world. Every minute I’ve spent with you will always be in my heart, you are the most beautiful and favorite being in my life, you are my everything. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best in life: let this day be wonderful. Happy 19th birthday!
  2. My dear baby, as time goes by, it becomes clear to peoplethat the most important thing in life is love. I am letting you know a really big and very important secret, for the most memorable thing in life, is a little moment you spend with someone else. You see those moments with your heart because the heart is the most important organ and it knows exactly what our soul wants and what our body needs. It creates our being. I want you to always be at peace and never mind about sorrow, try to avoid everything that spoils your happiness. I hope your 19th birthday is just the beginning of wonderful events that are about to come!
  3. Youth is the happiest period of a man’s life. When you are young, all is allowed, and nothing is impossible. Youth gives you wings, youth gives you strength, youth is an inexhaustible source of joy and happiness. My little jewel, enjoy your youth and don’t allow these days to go by without anything memorable happening. Get ready to make the most out of each day: cheer, drink, and love, do whatever you want. Let your happiness last long. I hope all of your wishes will come true. Have a happy 19th birthday!
  4. My love, you are never alone. Please remember that whatever happens, I will always be beside you and you will always find support in me. Hugs and kisses will never be too much, too cheesy or too stupid. You never get too old for love, do you? I hope that your 19th birthday makes all of your wishes come true, I believe you will create a wonderful life.
  5. I will always be here to fulfill all of your wishes: only one word is sufficient, and I will turn into a wizard who will give you everything that your heart desires. You are my baby, and you deserve everything, know that I am ready to do whatever it takes. You are settled deep in my heart, and you will always be there. I love you a lot and I wish you a happy future. Let each day be fun and enjoyable: from the bottom of my heart I wish you a happy 19th birthday!

19th birthday quotes for myself

  1. My love, know that I will always be your patron and that you can always count on my help and my advice. There is nothing in this world that can erase the fact that you are my baby and I love you more than anything else. Your happiness is one of the most important things in the world: when you are happy, my heart is at peace and my soul is calm. I wish you a lot of success in the upcoming events, let everything that touches your hand turn into gold. Have a happy 19th birthday!
  2. A smile says more than a word ever could and I always want to see a bright one on your face. You are the most important person in the world to me and I want you to be happy and to share those moments with me. It doesn’t matter how far away we are: just call me and I’ll be there. I love you: happy 19th birthday.
  3. My little flower, today is your 19th birthday and everyone is ready to celebrate it with you! I hope we will have a wonderful party and that we will take you into the world of endless magic. There will be numerous days in which you will discover that life creates wonderful moments and I want you to feel all of them, I want you to make all of your desires and dreams come true. Enjoy every moment, let the whole planet know how valuable and powerful you are. I wish you a lot of love and laughter, let’s have a happy 19th birthday together!
  4. My dear, I want you to feel beautiful every day and I hope that life will only lead you to the paths that are safe and happy. You are now in a period of life when you have to think about yourself and you should never allow someone else determine your destiny: always be your own person and think with your head. I believe in you and I know that you are my good and smart child and that you will choose the best for yourself. I sincerely wish you a successful life, much happiness, preferably by my side. My only one, happy 19th birthday!
  5. My sun, when you were little, I used to tell you that when you grow up, you will be the most beautiful person in the world. I have never lied to you and with great pride I can say that you are really the most beautiful child ever. Today is your 19th birthday and we are all so happy because of you: this day is created for joy and beautiful memories. Sweetheart, I want you to get all your birthday wishes fulfilled, let’s have a happy 19th birthday celebration!


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