Happy 14th birthday son

Many people think that birthdays are days just like any other, but this is a bunch of nonsense. Anyone’s birthday should be a day to mark and remember, a day that makes someone’s year feel like it isn’t the previous one, but a new one. The joy that one feels on his birthday is remarkable, and it cannot be described, not in a thousand words: it just has to be felt to be understood. Make your son’s birthday special and write him a birthday card. If you’re not all that creative, we will give you some examples, and you can steal them!

Birthday cards for your son’s 11th birthday.

  1. My dear son, I hope your childhood will teach you that throughout life, the most important thing is that you are happy and full of joy: there is no such thing greater than happiness. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should live your life: always be yourself and believe that you are good enough, for you truly are. Don’t ever give up on anything and believe in yourself and your dreams because that’s the only way you will ever achieve anything. Happy 11th birthday!
  2. You can always count on me, and you’ll always have my support in anything, no matter what happens. You can always come back to be in need of a hug or a comforting word. You are my dearest son, and I love you more than anything for you are a part of me: my body, my heart, and my soul. Today is your 11th birthday, and I am so happy for you! I want all of your wishes to come true. Happy 11th birthday, love!
  3. My beloved son, 11 years went by since you came into our house and I took you into my arms for the very first time. The day felt surreal, and we thought the sky gave us an angel with beautiful eyes in order for us to take care of it. The first days of your life were the happiest says of mine, and the feeling never changed. Today my happiness is even bigger because my dear son is slowly becoming a young fellow. I hope that this day will bring you joy and love only. Happy 11th birthday.
  4. Childhood is like a very long dream that you are carelessly floating in and you never want it to stop because it just feels so lovely. I want you to enjoy each and every day that your life is going to bring to you and I hope that you’ll use them up just the right way: playing and having fun, but also studying to be a better man tomorrow. Your future is in your hands, and you will create your own tomorrow. I wish you everything best, and I hope your 11th birthday will remain a happy memory in the wonderful mind of yours.
  5. My dear son, from the very first moment I have loved you with my whole heart for you, are my whole heart. You marked my life and you became my pride. I have been beside you since the beginning and my heart has been full from that day. I can say with pride that you are my son and I wouldn’t give up on you for anything in the world. I learned about the beautiful joys of life when I was beside you and I hope that you will have many memorable moments while creating your own future. Happy 11th birthday.
  6. My little joy, in front of you are many obstacles and adventures that will require your maximum strength and concentration. You’ll have to decide which life path you will travel through and we want you to devote yourself to learning. I want your work to bring you many beautiful moments and much knowledge, but also the feeling of being safe and secure in the future. Remain my wonderful boy that smiles often. Happy 11th birthday.

Birthday cards for your son's 11th birthday

  1. My dear son, you should know that you will never be alone in this world and that I am always here to help you. Whenever you need advice, I will be right here to give you all of the knowledge I have. You need to know that I only wish you the good parts of life and that I love you more than I love anything else in this world, including my own self. My dear son, I hope this day brings you happiness, love and laughs. Happy 11th birthday, make it memorable!
  2. People become happy once all of their wishes come true and their soul is at peace. I hope you’ll get all of the things you wish for yourself in life and I hope you’ll learn how to be a better person each step of the way you will be chosen daily. I hope your paths will be peaceful, but adventurous. Happy 11th birthday, I wish you happiness and peace.
  3. My dear, life isn’t always ideal and perfect. Sometimes we are happy and we laugh, but sometimes we are sad and we cry. During all of those moments, it is important that you look at everything with your eyes, your heart and your soul. Be honest and true to yourself, for knowing yourself is the most important thing. I hope that your heart will lead you to the most wonderful things in life. My beloved son, I hope your dreams come true: happy 11th birthday.
  4. My son, you are my courage and my motivation. When I think of you, I know why I am living this life and I know why I brought you into this world: you are pure joy, the biggest part of me. I would do anything in the world for you and I will always sacrifice things I have in order for you to be happy and loved. Nothing I will ever give you could be too much, it’s a true pleasure to have you as my son. I want you to enjoy this day and I hope your 11th birthday is happy and memorable. Happy birthday!
  5. Remember that life always gives you the chance to be happy and to find yourself. No matter how far happiness seems to be in certain moments, it is always near and it is always by our side: we just fail to find it. My beloved son, you are my happiness. Thank you for being by my side and sharing your words with me daily. I wish you a lot of health, happiness and joy. Happy 11th birthday.
  6. My dear son, never forget the fact that people are emotional beings and that we need to go through life with emotions and feelings. Always have that in mind and whenever you don’t know what to do, focus on what your heart wants. In front of you are the most wonderful days of childhood, and I want you to spend them with your friends, playing and having fun. Happy 11th birthday!

Happy 11th birthday to my beloved son!

  1. My dear son, relax and enjoy life. Don’t let small things affect you and your mood, let your happiness be above everything else. I hope your heart will meet positive emotions only and that your life will be perfect. Happy 11th birthday I wish to my wonderful son.
  2. I hope that, throughout your life, you will find many reasons to be happy and won’t find anything tough. I hope that many things will lead you to success and happiness, for my heart is full when yours is. I hope that each and every one of your days you greet with a big smile. Happy 11th birthday to one of the most special people in the world.
  3. My dear, I am telling you I love you more than anything in the world, although I have said this a thousand times already. I may be a bit boring with all of the emotional stuff, but the fact that you are one of my favorite people in the world is something that settled deep in my heart, and it cannot be changed. I am so glad that you are my son and my life without you would be nothing. You are my happiness, and I wish you the best gift in the world: love from everyone. Happy 11th birthday!
  4. Close your eyes and imagine how the world would look like if you could change everything in it: open your eyes and realize that the world is already beautiful and you can make it just the way you want it too. You are one smile away from happiness, and the most important thing is that you love yourself and that you are happy with who you are. Enjoy life and be yourself. I wish you happiness, love and beautiful memories. Happy 11th birthday.
  5. My dearest, I never want to see you cry for every tear you shed hurts me and breaks my heart. I promise that I will do my best to be a magician that turns your tears into gold: I will never let you suffer. Always look at the world from a happy perspective and let your 11th birthday bring you joy and success. I want you all of the best things you can get. Happy 11th birthday, baby!
  6. My dear son, behind you, are the days of being careless: not having any problems or worries. I want your whole life to be like your childhood, and I wish you never have to encounter serious problems. I wish every new day could give you a new chance to succeed in the things you love. I can only wish you the most wonderful birthday wishes: happy 11th birthday to the cause of my happiness.
  7. The world around us is lovely and seems to be a fairytale sometimes. In each corner there is one reason to enjoy life and to be happy. I want you to discover all of the secrets in this fairytale and master the art of being happy. I wish that your life is like a wonderful dream that you will enjoy just like you enjoy your childhood. I hope your imagination makes you happy daily. Happy 11th birthday.

Happy 11th birthday to my most wonderful son

  1. My dear son, I was right beside you when you said your first word and when you made your first step. We went through a lot of things together and there are no words with which I could describe how much I care about you. When you came to this world, I was so happy that I realized nothing in life will ever make me this emotional. It was a dream come true. I am glad the happiness lasted, and you are still here, right beside me, on your 11th birthday. I hope it brings you many happy memories you will talk about to others.
  2. Sometimes all it takes is a little faith and work, everything you wish for can be reached. My beloved boy, I hope each one of your days will start with a smile, and I wish your life treats you well. Believe yourself and your heart: happy 11th birthday.Happy 11th birthday to my most wonderful son
  3. My only wish is that your smile will forever be present on your face because everything is better when a man is happy: the world seems to become much more magical. My dear love, I hope that your life will be spent in joy and hope. I wish all of your dreams could come true and I want you to live a fairytale you write yourself. Happy 11th birthday to my baby boy.
  4. As time passes by, you will realize that life is a huge journey, and you never know where you’ll end up. Happiness is all around you, and your heart will always lead you to your ultimate happiness, you just gotta listen to it. Don’t worry, bad things happen too, but you need to change your way of thinking and enjoy life as much as you can. I want you all the most beautiful wishes for your 11th birthday!
  5. My dearest, you are my treasure and the reason why I’m happy to get out of my bed every day. I live this life for you, and I want to be as devoted to you as possible. You gave me happiness and the least I could do is give it back! I am the person that should make all of your wishes come true, and because of that, I will try to do my best to do so. I love you and I want you to have the most special day in the whole world! Happy 11th birthday!
  6. Sometimes you’ll feel weird and your heart will feel funny because everything around you seems to be dark and raw, but you need to remember how happy you can be and how happy you were just a few weeks ago. Everything that happens, including bad things, fades away if you know how to let it go. I want this day to stay permanent in your mind and I want you to have a great life. Happy 11th birthday to my wonderful son.
  7. My dear son, when we look at some aspects of life from different angles, we realize that life itself is long only if we tend to make it that way. I want to tell you that the most important thing in life is to do something that makes you happy and gives you satisfaction. I want the stars to guide your way into a happy future. Happy 11th birthday my sweet little love.



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