Birthday wishes for 70th birthday

A parent is a person who is always ready to do all that is necessary for our happiness; the parent gives us life, and this should always be respected. Parents should always cultivate warm and sincere emotions because the relationship between a parent and a child is the most beautiful thing that can be experienced. A parent and a child are like a soul that is divided into two bodies, the parent and the child make one inseparable whole. Make sure to help your mother’s 70th birthday be a better day, write her birthday card where you will wish her the most beautiful birthday wishes. If you want to write your mother a greeting card for your 70th birthday, you can use one of the following cards:

Birthday wishes for my mom for the 70th birthday

  • My dear, when I think of you, I realize how happy I am for you, for you are the real treasure in my life, you are the sun that illuminates my life. You gave me life and sacrificed for my future, and for that reason, I will always be grateful. Your generosity is something I have to mention: you are a person of a noble heart and a pure soul, and I am happy that you are my mother. I wish you all the best in your life, I wish you a lot of happiness and joy, let your 70th birthday be happy and merry!
  • When I was a little child, you were always with me and you guarded me against everything. You defended me from all the fears, you were my shadow, my guardian angel. You helped me to grow up and bravely step into life, you helped me to overcome everything and get out of it proud and satisfied. Only a mother can do such a thing, because a mother always loves her child, regardless of everything. I want to tell you that I love you a lot, let this birthday bring you happiness. Have a happy 70th birthday!
  • My dear mother, I will never forget the days when you were my only friend, my only joy. You’ve always been gentle and caring, and I always knew that I had the best mother in the world. Your love has never changed, and even now I feel like a child when I am near you. I want to spend a lot of nice and joyful days with you, I wish you all the most beautiful birthday wishes. Have a happy 70th birthday!
  • I can not imagine my life without you: you are my entire world. Wherever I look, you are in front of me. You are my mother, my hope and my faith. In one word, you are my everything. Stay happy and smiling, let your life be the most beautiful experience, let your heart always be happy. Like your son, from the bottom of my heart, I want you to get all of your wishes to come true this day. I love your mother most in the world, let your happy 70th birthday!
  • My dear mother, I want to tell you that you are the best person I’ve ever met in my life. In your eyes, there is something gentle and noble that can only be there if a person is sincere. I will never forget your words and the advice you told me when     I was having a hard time. Indeed, it really means a lot to me. Your help guided me through my life. I want to thank you with sincerity, I wish you all the best in your life. May this happy and joyful day stay in our memory, I wish you a happy 70th birthday!
  • My only desire is for you to always be happy because you really deserve it. You have devoted your whole life to me and my happiness, now it’s my turn to take care of you and your future. It’s in my blood that I wish to give you everything that makes your heart warm, it is important for me to take care of you and to guard your smile. I want you to know that you really mean a lot to me and that I truly love and respect you. I want you to spend this day in a wonderful mood, I wish you the happiest birthday ever. Have a happy 70th birthday.
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  • My dear, do not ever let stupid things spoil your happiness. Although things may get hard, always be on the side of happiness and joy. Enjoy this beautiful day and let it be full of nice and warm emotions each moment. I want you to achieve all your wishes and dreams. Have a happy 70th birthday!

Happy 70th birthday mom

  • The most important thing is that we are still together and that our relationship still shines with brilliant gloss. You are my only mother and I cultivate the most honest and deepest feelings towards you. I can not tell you how much I love you and how important you are in my life. You are part of me and my life and you will always be in my heart. I want you to dedicate this day to joy, let everything be happy in your life. Have a happy 70th birthday!
  • My only mom, today is your 70th birthday and I can tell you that I’m very happy that the day has come when we will enjoy this beautiful birthday atmosphere together. Let this day be the happiest day of your life. Let in your life everything that pleases you and makes you happy, let this breeze of good feelings bring you into the world of endless enjoyment. I wish you all the most beautiful birthday wishes, happy 70th birthday!
  • Look at your life from the bright side and you will realize that every day is meant for happiness and enjoyment. Every new day is a new and unforgettable experience, for life shows us its beautiful and exciting side whenever we are open to see it. It’s only up to us to recognize this and to completely abandon the negative things in life and let in the vibrations that carry a wave of serenity. Let each day bring you countless reasons for joy and hugs, let your 70th birthday be the happiest day of this year!
  • My dear mom… Every moment of my life was happy and carefree, all because I knew that I had a person who was ready to help me in the end. That person has always been you, my dear mother, you have always been by my side, you were always ready to sacrifice all of your own things for my happiness. I endlessly thank you for everything you did for me and you should know that I’m always ready to give you all that back. The least I can do today is to wish you the best birthday wishes. Happy 70th birthday!
  • Never think about how life may hurt you and let things affect you only daily. Let your thoughts always be positive, always have a picture of a beautiful and peaceful life in your mind. When we want to be happy and we think about it, happiness truly meets us. Today is your birthday and I want you to enjoy everything, let all the birthday wishes come true for you. Happy 70th birthday, my dear mother!
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  • My dear mother, you are the person who is irreplaceable in my life, you are unique and special and, in my heart, there will always be room for you. No matter what, I will always love and appreciate you, for you gave me life, you are my mother and my everything in this world. I’ll do everything just to keep you happy and smiling, I’m ready to do everything for your happiness. I wish you all the best, most beautiful things in the future: let your 70th birthday be happy!
  • When I was helpless and when I needed care, you were always close to me and provided me with everything I needed. You have beautified my childhood and done everything in order to keep me happy and carefree. You are the decoration of my life, you make my days brighter, you are my mother and I want to tell you that I love you infinitely. You can always count on me and my help. Like your son, I will always do everything in my power to make you happy. I want you to experience a lot of excitement and beautiful moments this day, be happy with your 70th birthday!
  • My dear, life is like a journey in which we never know what is ahead of us and what can surprise us. Life is a man’s enigma: there is only one life and it needs to be happy and carefree. I want you to spend the days that are before you in peace and tranquility, let everything be joyful. I wish you all the best: let your 70th birthday be happy!
  • It is very important to know how to enjoy everything. When we do not know how to do that, our life can turn into a nightmare. You are the woman who kept me going and who gave all her time to me. Know that I will always keep it in mind and that I will make the world a better place for you. I want to celebrate many more beautiful birthdays with you, I wish you a lot of happiness, health, and joy. Have a happy 70th birthday!
  • My dear, I am fond of thinking about my childhood and the days spent with you, those memories always make me happy again. Those days were the most beautiful days of my life, those days, my heart was full and my whole being was happy. By your side I’m always carefree and serene, your appearance always gives me a sense of security. Regardless of time, I love you the same as when I was a little boy, you will always be my beloved mother. I wish you a lot of beautiful birthday wishes, have a happy 70th birthday!
  • It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I have a person who I can always trust and which is always on my side. It is a real pleasure to have a mother like you: in every way you are the embodiment of a good heart. Because of you, I will always cultivate the most tender feelings towards you, for you are my dear mother, and I will always love you with all my heart. This day is an opportunity to be happy, I want you to celebrate your birthday with joy. Have a happy 70th birthday!
  • My beloved mother, you are worth more than gold. You’ve always been loving and fair to me and I will never forget your warm hugs. In the end, I never had any reason for sorrow and weeping, for I was always happy and smiling with you. I want you to always be happy and I will always try to improve your life in every way possible. I wish this day brings you joy and happiness, for you deserve all of it. Happy 70th birthday, my dear mother!
  • When you see the sun rising in the east, you know that happiness is like the sun and that no matter what it is, it returns to the man’s life. Let your thoughts lead you through life without much sorrow and let yourself enjoy the beauty of the world. I want to share with you all the happiness in this world because my heart is full when I spend time with you. I wish you a lot of happy, peaceful days, let’s have a happy 70th birthday!
  • You can always tell me everything that bothers your heart, with me you can always share all your worries and problems. And even if I can not help you, it will be easier for you to share your problems with me. Every concern is too big when a man is lonely. Know that I’m always on your side, know I will always be your little son who honestly and endlessly loves you. Imagine the most beautiful birthday wishes and dreams, for I will be your little wizard who will fulfill all your wishes. May you enjoy your 70th birthday!
  • When I hear your name, my heart is suddenly happy and it whispers sweet words. My mother, you are the most precious thing in my life, your name cannot be compared to any other name. It’s been years since I was a kid, but my love for you has not changed and will always be firm and strong. I want you to experience the most beautiful things a man can experience on such a day, let’s be happy for you on your 70th birthday!
  • My dear mother, let your life be inspired by the most beautiful song of happy birds and let it bring you a magical world in which happiness is at every step. I wish you a lot of wonderful days where you will enjoy your free time endlessly, let’s have a happy 70th birthday celebration!

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