Birthday wishes for 12th birthday

Your birthday is the day when you can share your happiness with the whole world. Birthdays give everyone good vibes, hope, and faith in a better tomorrow. These days are special, and people are ready to show you their raw emotions. Emotions are there to play a big role and to give people a beautiful sense of bonding that positively affects everyone. The most wonderful thing you can do for someone you love s to write a card for their 12th birthday, you can use one of the following:

Quotes for the 12th birthday

1) My dear boy, I want you to keep dreaming and to make those dreams come true with your hard work and dedication. Everything you wish to do in life can be done, you just need to be determined and believe that life will be here for you if you want it to. I want you to enjoy everything that life puts in your way. When I know that you are happy, then it’s much easier for me, because your happiness means the world to me. Be happy and never choose anything less or give up on it, I wish you all the best. Have a happy 12th birthday!

2) Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the love people are sending you while you are blowing your birthday candles. It’s incredible to hear that you are already 12: my baby is growing.  . Let this birthday be magical: I want you to feel how nice it is to have people who love you around you on this day. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best in your life: I am happy to be beside you on your 12th birthday!

3) Today is your birthday and you should not worry about anything: I want you to be the happiest person in the world today. You have always been a light in my life, my guide and my strength: I hope you will stay beside me. Enjoy your childhood and stay a happy, smiling kid. I wish that this day would stay in your memory as one of the best moments in your life so far: Happy 12th birthday.

4) This 12th birthday is very important for you: from this day you can say that you are no longer a child. You have never been too childish and you are a mature boy already, but I want you to grow up to be a nice, smart guy who will be happy for everyone and who will be successful in everything. I know you can do it. May this birthday bring you countless reasons for joy: happy to be beside you on your 12th birthday.

5) Let this day stay in your memories like a catchy song does: I want you to celebrate your birthday with your best friends. I hope you will hang out and have fun: do not let anyone ruin this day for you, I know your friends won’t let that happen! I wish you a lot of happiness, health, and luck, happy 12th birthday!

6) My dear, I want you to know that life is not all easy and simple, but if you are responsible, there will be no obstacles. Now, the most important thing to do is to study and be a good student. I sincerely believe in you, because I know that you are a good boy. I know that your brain willl help you get the best out of life, and I hope you will choose the right path. I wish you all the best, happy 12th birthday!

7) My dear, you are very young and there is an incredible amount of energy in you that gives you the strength to move along and overcome everything that life brings to you. I want to celebrate your birthday in a really good vibe, let us dance in the rhythm of joy. I love you a lot and I wish you a happy 12th birthday!

8) My baby, don’t let life bring you down. You are not too old, but you are already aware of the things life brings. I hope you will encounter the most beautiful parts of life to help you smile, and those that are less beautiful to help you grow. Happy 12th birthday!

Happy 12th birthday

9) Forget everything that causes you trouble and everything that bothers your little boy’s heart. Be who you are, be a witty, smiling boy who loves the whole world. If you let the happiness of the world enter your life, you will surely be enthusiastic and full of joy. I wish you a lot of good days in your life, I hope all these doors of success will always be open for you. Happy 12th birthday!

10) Today is a day for socializing with your favorite people, a day marked by your name. Your birthday is one of the most important days of my life, your birthday is a holiday for all of us who love you. We are just as happy as you are, believe us. I’m so glad you are with us, I’m so glad you will enjoy this day with your family. Have a happy 12th birthday!

11) Relax, let the waves of this happy birthday atmosphere take you to the best place you’ve been at in your life. Think of your birthday wishes, think of the way you grew up and how you achieved all your life goals so far. I wish you a happy 12th birthday!

12) There is a lot of busy days in front of you and each of them will mean something special. Try to find something mysterious and unknown to you in every new day, something that will make you smile and something that will teach you a new lesson! Each day brings beauty and each day brings pain, you choose which one will affect you. My granddaughter, my happy little bee, let’s have a happy 12th birthday celebration together!

13) Today we celebrate your birthday and the happy song is still in our soul. Today we celebrate your birthday and everything that’s bad in our life is being forgotten. Let the celebration be a lovely note about the amount of love the people around you feel for you. Let your thoughts be clear and let them feel the beauty of life. I sincerely wish you a happy 12th birthday!

14) Your current years are the most beautiful and happiest in a man’s life. You are still very young and you don’t have great responsibilities, but you have enough years to discover all the dreams you may think of. Take advantage of this time to explore everything that interests you and everything you love, do not let that time pass by in vain, use it to think about things you have achieved and those you yet wish to achieve. I hope this advice will be of use to you: whenever it is difficult, you can always see these words again. Have a happy 12th birthday!

15) Friends are always here to help you: even when you think that they have left you or that they do not care, that is not true. However, if anything happens, you should know this… My little companion, I want you to know that you can always count on me. I’ll always be there to help you and to have your back in every situation, even when your friends are not around. I’m glad your birthday is today and I’m very excited about it. Have a happy 12th birthday!

16) Your life is just beginning. Although you don’t know much about it, you need to stay focused and move forward, for you will learn. It is very important that you know that life is not always fair and sometimes it can hurt us, but it always gives us a chance for happiness. I hope you will follow the happiness and achieve everything you wish to. Have a happy 12th birthday.

Wishes for the 12th birthday

1) When this wonderful day comes, and when all of the stars are golden, look up to heaven and imagine your wishes and dreams, be happy because it is your birthday. My beloved baby, with all my heart I wish you all the best birthday wishes, let’s have you happy 12th birthday celebration together!

2) Everything is wonderful on your birthday and you are ready to get the gifts the people that love you have prepared for you. This is a sign that you have someone to count on this year. I just want to let you know that I adore you and that you will always be on my mind. Open the gifts and enjoy this day. Happy 12th birthday.

3) When I think about the fact that today is your birthday, my heart is filled with an indescribable feeling of happiness and I want to share all this joy with you. You’re my little boy, my son, and today is the most important day of this year, today is your birthday. I want you to be successful in everything you will do in the future: let your life path be filled with happiness. Have a happy 12th birthday!

4) Let the main weapon in this struggle called life be your smile. Fight the bad energy with your wonderful positive vibe and don’t let anyone tell you that you are not worth it. It’s been 12 years since you were born and I can tell you that those years were the greatest time of my life. I wish you a lot of pleasant moments in the future, let’s have a happy 12th birthday celebration!

5) My darling, let your desire for something better and lighter always lead you in life. I hope you will always have a positive attitude towards the future. Now, in the years when you need to start building your future, it is up to you to take the first move and start a new life. Do not worry, everything will be fine, I wish you all the best and let’s have a happy 12th birthday celebration!

6) Joy, love and happiness, that’s what I wish for you on this unique day. Let these words follow you throughout your life: live by them and you will surely be happy with who you are. I wish you a fun birthday party, let’s have a happy 12th birthday celebration!

Wishes for the 12th birthday

7) In life, there are many pleasures for those who spread positive energy. It doesn’t take much to turn around and to see that we have much more than we need. What we have is life, it is a combination of joy and happiness and nothing else is needed. I wish you a lot of nice days in the future, have a happy 12th birthday!

8) I want you to shine at school and leave everyone fascinated by your mind and wisdom. I know you can do it for you truly have everything needed to be the inspiration to others. You are a great guy and you will have a lot of beautiful moments that will be a result of the qualities you show. Of course, besides that, I want you to have lots of fun and exciting moments with your friends. Have a happy 12th birthday!

9) Know that you are not alone in this world and that you will never be, I will always be your friend. You are my darling and my dear boy, and I have to tell you that you are very dear and close to me. As your parent, I will always be here to help you achieve the things you wish to live with. I want you to make all your dreams and wishes come true, let’s have a happy 12th birthday celebration!

10) Everything that your small hand touches will turn into gold, everything you look at will be yours, for you have a wonderful heart and a wonderful soul. On this birthday, let your heart imagine all of the things you have worked for and all of those you maybe wish to get. I wish you a lot of peace, joy and celebration, a happy 12th birthday!

11) I hope your birthday will be as happy and as beautiful as you are, for you radiate the lovely qualities everyone want to have. Look at the birthday cake and make a wish, I promise you that I will do my best to fulfill them all. I want you to always be a carefree child, I wish all the best for you on your 12th birthday!

12) You are now in the part of your life where growing up is important. You are going through a great transformation and most importantly, you are happy and satisfied with your life. In life, you won’t always be too happy, but you need to let life teach you about the many things that it brings with it. Avoid sorrow because it will only bring your problems. I wish you all the best in the future, I will always be here, close to you. Have a happy 12th birthday!

13) With great excitement, I can say that I have been waiting for this day. I love you to the moon and back, so for me, this day is different from all the other days in the year, it is unrepeatable. Today is your 12th birthday and we celebrate it all together. Today, nobody will think about bad things. I wish you a pleasant life, I hope everything will be perfect. Happy 12th birthday!

14) When you look at the future ahead of you, you will realize life is fun and you should enjoy it in the best way possible. There are plenty of cool moments and interesting days ahead of you, but you should greet the ugly ones too, for they will teach you a lot of things. There is a whole universe of joy and excitement out there, waiting for you to harvest it. Life is in front of you and I want you to always be happy and in a good mood. Have a happy 12th birthday!

15) If a man believes in his dreams, he can accomplish whatever his soul desires, he can succeed in all that he does. I believe in you and that is enough to keep you going, my dear. Be patient and persistent and deeply believe in yourself just like I do, and life will bring you those things you are wishing for yourself. My granddaughter, I want you to have a lot of fun moments on this wonderful day, let’s have a happy 12th birthday celebration!

16)My dear, the world around us is sometimes very tragic, but believe me, life is as beautiful as the brightest flower most of the time. You need to have the right attitude and everything will be perfect. Believe in magic and let these fantasies lead you through life: be a pure-hearted boy who knows only sincere feelings. I want you to gloriously celebrate this wonderful day, happy 12th birthday!

17) Twelve years have passed by and I’m indescribably glad you grew up and became a real boy. I want you to learn over time all the things that will be useful to you in life and which will teach you to live and to love. Make sure you are always good and honest, let your good qualities make your life a dream. My love, have a happy 12th birthday!


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